Embrace Your Journey to Physical and Verbal Wellness through online video tutorials and exercise programs recommended by professional

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Our Featured Question Answer You Should Know

Your child's usual therapist will sign your child up to the MySelf Portal so that your child is able to access therapy exercises at home and at school with adults who feel confident carrying out activities thanks to the clear and concise videos.

Your child’s regular therapist will be able to set and monitor targets from their therapist portal, the therapist working with your child will select video tutorials for therapy exercises so that caregivers can access therapy activity demonstrations with ease.

Please send us a message with your child’s therapy provider and we will reach out to them to offer them to become a MySelf member so that they are able to provide your child and the rest of their caseload with remote access to therapy exercise programmes.

MySelf is free for caregivers to use, simply log in to access therapy activity tutorials. If you are a healthcare provider we have a range of packages so that you can select a package that is right for you, whether you are a solo practitioner, a small business, a large business or a government body

MySelf is a therapy tool, specialist input comes from your child’s local therapist. If your child does not currently have access to therapy input please discuss whether a referral to therapies would be appropriate for your child at this time.
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